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Whether you need some aggressive looking street tires or off road tires to grip on the rock, Trail Boss Off-Road has the right products for you.



Tires that grip the surface

Have you lost control of your 4x4 because you didn't have the right tires to stay in control? Were you unable to drive over or through some tough terrain because you didn't have the right oversized tires? Whether your tires are old and worn out, or you just don’t have the right tires to be able to do what you want out on the trail, turn to Trail Boss Off-Road to give you what you need.

Trail Boss Off-Road carries the right tires and wheels to ensure you get the most traction possible in the dirt, through the mud, or on the rocks.

  • Maxxis Tires
  • BF Goodrich
  • ProComp
  • Toyo
  • Goodyear
  • Nitto
  • Super Swamper
  • American Force Wheels
  • American Raching Wheels
  • ATX Wheels
  • Black Rock Wheels
  • BMF Wheels
  • Diamo Wheels
  • Dick Cepek

Beadlocks Wheels

One of the best ways to maximize your traction off-road is by airing down your tires. By deflating your tires, it widens the bottom of the tire, which is making contact with the ground. This widening increases the amount of rubber that is actually touching the ground and, as a result, improves your traction. If you are a hardcore wheeler, beadlocks are an excellent way to be able to let as much air out of your tires as possible still feeling confident that it won't come off the wheel. Beadlocks are not street legal, but if you are trying to get the same look as a beadlock and keep your toy on the road, ask us about our imitation beadlocks.

Bead lock wheels | Tucson, AZ | Trail Boss Off-Road
Tire carrier | Tucson, AZ | Trail Boss Off-Road

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